Poesía en la Carcel del Bosque, Colombia

Presentación de poesía que hicimos en el Establecimiento Penitenciario de Mediana Seguridad y Carcelario de Barranquilla, Colombia, con Poetas Bajo Palabra, organizado por La Fundación Casa de Hierro.

Poetry presentation we did in a medium security prison of Barranquilla, Colombia, with 'Poetas Bajo Palabra', organised by La Fundación Casa de Hierro. We were there to read our poems and talk with the inmates. Some of them also wrote and shared their works and they were all very attentive. It felt more like a class in an adult education institution than a prison. Through poetry and writing – how it can help to express things we keep hidden inside, things that can hurt us – we can free the mind from those everyday difficulties and learn new ways of interacting with the people and world around us.

(24 June 2010)

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